Apr 10, 2011

Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris

Puisi cinta bahasa inggris - Ini merupakan puisi bahasa inggris kedua yang saya publikasikan di gen22 blog. Sebelumnya pernah ada puisi bahasa Inggris yang dikirim oleh Zanpaku San. Untuk yang kali ini dikhususkan pada puisi cinta dan puisi romantis.

Nah, buat kamu yang ingin membaca kumpulan puisi cinta bahasa inggris, silahkan langsung dicekidot contoh puisi cinta bahasa inggris berikut ini:

Too Scarred
© By Breeann Paez

i dont know what i felt,
or why i stuck around.
i guess i thought i felt my heart melt,
or that maybe you swept my feet off the ground
just hearing your name, or taking one look
my heart would go crazy for you.
for me, thats all it took
you were my love's only point of view.
kisses and hugs that meant everything,
how could i be living my dream?
to me this was more than a fling,
but nothing is at it ever seems.
sitting alone with a broken heart,
tears were the only sound.
how could i create a new start,
if im so use to you being around?
but ill get you off my mind,
ill try the best i can.
ill remind myself you arent mine,
then ill find a better man...
opening my eyes,
it wont be hard.
opening my mind,
sure, but ill still be on guard.
opening my heart,
i cant, im still too scarred

Middle School Love
© By Shianna Nunemann

When you hug me,
I feel so free,
When I see you smile,
The world freezes for a while.
When you wink at me,
I buzz like a bumble bee.
I all ready have a boyfriend,
Yes this is true.
But I can't help...
The way I love you.
I'm so confused,
I don't know what to do,
I just want to come to you,
When I feel blue.
I've known you since forever,
But my love for you can't be severed.
I'm on a different team,
As crazy as this seams.
I love you more than anything,
I see you in my dreams.

Oh How I Love You
© By Sonja Hefta

I can’t seem to get close enough to you.
My need for you is so strong, my need for you so deep.
I want to get under your skin. I want to open you up and crawl inside.
It seems the closer I get to you the more I need you.
The more I feel this yearning to somehow be inside you.
I need to feel a deeper part of you.
It’s not enough to just hold you I want to feel that I am an inner part of you.
When we are apart I still feel you so near that when I close my eyes I feel I could reach out and touch you. Sometimes I ache all over just from my need for you.
My need to love you, hold you, feel you.
I want to crawl inside of you, my need for you is so strong, so deep.
I want to be so much a part of you that you feel me everywhere you go.
I need you to feel me every moment of the day , in every fiber of your being.
I want this and yet I hold back, afraid to lose myself completely in you.
Oh how I love you! Oh how I loveyou!

Love Will Find A Way
© By Lendibo Andile

In a perfect world
one we hav neva knwn
we wud neva need 2 face the world alne.
They can hav da world
nd wel create our own!

I may nt be brave or strong or smart bt in ma secret heart i knw luv wil find a way

A Spacial Person
© By kirsty dunn

i think about you all the time your like a dream come true your someone very spacial and my heart belngs to you i remember the first time we kissed when you faded in the mist
your eyes sparkle like crystals in the sun my heart beats faster because you are the one...

Forever Isnt That Long
© By long lost

life is something you cant trust
whether it be with you heart, love, or lust
but loves a fire you cant put out
its doesnt grow cold it doesnt give out
when someone says they will love you forever
Forever isnt that long
the love gives out or someone grows bored
or someone goes caotic from something they heard
the end result is never even good
cause, forever isnt that long
it might seem like you love them for them
but you dont really know who they are
you find real soon and you dont like it anymore
guess what??
forever isnt that long

Nah, demikian kumpulan puisi cinta bahasa inggris yang bisa saya kumpulkan untuk hari ini. Kalo ada yang punya koleksi puisi cinta dalam bahasa inggris silahkan share lewat kolom komentar.Jangan disimpan dalam hati.